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Finished Starlink Install

Starlink Internet

Starlink Internet

You’ve probably heard of Elon Musk and his company Tesla by now, but did you know that in addition to making cars they have also started a satellite internet company called Starlink.

What is Starlink Internet?

Starlink is a satellite internet service that utilizes Low Earth Orbiting satellites. Starlink’s idea is to surround the earth with thousands of satellites to form “constellations.” The goal is to provide internet service that is on par with DSL and cable connections. The LEO satellites work in combination with ground transceivers to deliver internet to you.

While still in it’s infancy, Starlink has been and will be a gamechanger for many rural customers who do not have access to any high speed internet. Yes, there are still many places in the United States that do not have access to any internet. Starlinks stated goal is to cover the earth with these satellites and provide speeds up to 10 Gigabytes per second.

Results from Installs

We’ve been installing them for about the past year and have seen speeds ranging form 20 MBPS all the way up to 150 MBPS. That’s a wide gap for sure, but Starlink is just getting started. They have a lot more satellites to launch to get to the 10 GBPS goal, but as most of rural customers already know, even the 20 MBPS is a great improvement over existing satellite internet services. The two biggest advantages of Starlink are low latency and unlimited data. Latency is another measure of speed. A measure of the time the request is sent to the servers, and the time it takes to get back, and load in your web browser. You can sign up for Starlink here: https://www.starlink.com/.

What does it cost?

The basic kit comes in at $600 for just the equipment, and then is $120/ month for unlimited data.

You can see our costs to install here: https://frankton.net/product-category/services/starlink/

You can see examples of our installs here: https://frankton.net/photos-of-our-work/

Introducing the 2GIG EDGE

2GIG EDGE home secrity system touchscreen

The 2GIG EDGE panel lies at the heart of a home security and automation system. Never before has one panel offered so many security and automation options in one sleek package, including: 

  • The ability to disarm a home security system with face recognition. 
  • Quick, easy programming and installation. 
  • Increased security and data privacy, keeping a home and personal information safe. 
  • Full smart home integration with touch panel and voice controls through Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. 
  • Full video feeds from up to 8 cameras, including security and doorbell cameras. 

And the control options don’t stop there. In addition to these exciting new features, the EDGE panel is also fully compatible with a full line of encrypted sensors and Z-Wave devices giving full access to all the control systems in a home or commercial business from the same panel. These include products such as: 

Next-level home security 

With both the 2GIG EDGE Panel and EDGE Remote Keypad – a secondary touch screen keypad designed for use in a different room or area of the house – a homeowner can control each of these systems with ease and are alerted to changes that may occur with any of them. For example, the 2GIG-FT1-345 Flood and Temperature Sensor monitors ambient temperature and detects wet and dry flood conditions. With the EDGE panel, you will be alerted immediately to any changes to help prevent water damage. 

The EDGE panel is fully compatible with 2GIG Encrypted Sensors. The Glass Break Detector can sense broken glass in a range of up to 15 feet, and relays this information directly to the EDGE panel. And the wall-mounted Motion Detector unit offers wide-angle protection of spaces up to 30 feet deep by 50 feet wide and can be set to tolerate animals up to 55 pounds.  

And thanks to its built-in Z-Wave Plus V2 functionality, the EDGE panel works directly with smart home automation products. The 2GIG Smart Z-Wave Plus Thermostat makes controlling the temperature in a home a breeze, and the Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Opener Remote Controller accessory can be controlled directly from the EDGE panel and is compatible with virtually any automatic opener connected to a sectional door. 

Each of these systems works directly with the 2GIG EDGE control panel and Alarm.com to keep customers informed via a mobile phone or panel and a home automated at all times of what’s going on in your space. 

For more information on 2GIG security products and technology, give us a call or  click the button below to fill out a contact form to have one of our security technicians get in touch.

At Frankton Telecommunications, we offer a wide array of services to help you with your telecommunication needs. In this guide, you’ll learn about the services we offer to help you meet your sound, signal, and security needs. Not only do our professional installation technicians install your chosen product, but they’ll also walk you step-by-step through the features and menus of the device. By the end of the process, you’ll have a quality home electronic installed and the knowledge to use and maintain it for years to come.

TV, Satellite, and Cable Antenna Services

There’s a big misconception that TV antennas are a thing of the past. The truth is there’s never been a better time to get a TV antenna installed. Modern antennas are small and can be installed almost anywhere. They also offer many benefits, including completely free TV access. Here at Frankton, we can install a new modern antenna in your home, so you can start saving big. We can also remove your old antennas, to give your exterior the clean look it deserves. We can also relocate an existing antenna to a more optimal location for the best reception possible.

Mobile Cellular Signal Booster Installation

Mobile cellular boosters are great for improving cell signal strength which will help increase your data speed and call quality overall. They are great for instances when your cell service is poor inside your home or business. Most signal booster kits include an external antenna, an internal antenna, and a signal amplifier. While most kits contain the same components, our expert staff can help you choose the best kit for your particular needs. Whether you need improved cell services in your home or for a large building, like a warehouse, we have the experience and product line to meet your requirements. Our professional technicians can install the kit in a way that maximizes your cell signal and strengthens your call quality.

Electronic Services

We can install almost any home electronic that you can imagine. Need a new TV installed and wall mounted? We got you covered – no matter the TV size or the mounting location. We can even hide the wires for a clean, professional finished look. If you need an outlet relocated in your home for a TV, smart device, or any other reason, our service technicians can move the outlet to a more optimal location to better suit your needs. Did you buy a new smart device, printer, or wireless modem? No problem, we can help with that, too. Our technicians can also install smart thermostats, which are great for saving money on your home’s energy bill. Not only will we install your new TV or smart device, but we will also teach you how to fully utilize these powerful new technologies. At Frankton, we are leaders in upgrading your home electronics, to help keep you and your home up-to-date.

Home Security Services

At Frankton, we take home security very seriously, and for good reason. It’s one of the best ways you can protect your family and property. There are many benefits to installing a home security system, some that you might not have heard about, such as saving up to 10% on your home owner’s insurance. Our three home security packages (with varying degrees of features) can help you find the best fit for your needs. In every package, you’ll receive our HD turret-style security cameras that are equipped with advanced night vision and motion detection technology. In addition, you’ll have access to mobile viewing through your smartphone that allows you to see 24/7 HD recordings, even when on the go. Best of all, once you buy your security system, there are no monthly maintenance fees to worry about.

Frankton Telecommunications is a premium provider for all your South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland home security, entertainment, and installation needs. To learn more about our offerings, get in touch with an expert today.