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Main office – (717)225-6029
Tim - (717)599-2061
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Melinda - (717)818-1718
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Ashton - (717)525-1360


General Inquiriesinfo@frankton.net

Tim  – tim@frankton.net
Matt- matt@frankton.net
Melinda – melinda@frankton.net

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The Frankton Team

Melinda Brinton

Scheduling Manager

Cell: (717) 818-1718
Desk: (717) 739-8878

Melinda is a Scheduling Coordinator at Frankton. As the main person to answer the phones and reply to any kind of inquiry into our services, she is usually the face of the company. Melinda also navigates our ridiculously complicated scheduling system and somehow manages to get all of the technicians out to our customers locations at their designated times (usually.) It's not easy.

Before working for Frankton, Melinda worked for the Lincoln Intermediate Unit with special needs children for over 12 years. She is also an avid nail technician, she used to run a successful nail salon, but gave it up to work at Frankton full time.

Melinda and her husband Tim live in the hills of Dover, PA with 4 of their 6 children. Melinda enjoys camping and vacationing in her spare time. If you want to start a nice, long conversation with Melinda, ask her about her (probably recent) trip to Disney.

Timothy D. Brinton

General Partner

Cell: (717) 599-2061
Desk: (717) 739-8873

As a General Partner at Frankton Telecommunications LLC, Tim does most of the estimates and office paperwork, along with helping out on jobs from time to time. He has been interested in technology and electronics since a young age. From building and setting up computer systems at 12 years old to installing car stereos at 16, then on to camera systems and consumer electronics.

Tim worked doing IT tech support for a major cable company for 3 years and then moved on to become a cable technician for the same company for 7 more years. After experiencing a general distaste for how the huge company was treating it's customers and employees, he moved on to become one of the founding members of Frankton.

Tim is 40 years old and lives with his wife Melinda and 4 of their 6 children up in the hills of Dover, PA (The oldest 2 have grown up and moved out). Tim still enjoys tinkering with electronics and computers in his spare time. When he is not camping or vacationing, he is usually watching Netflix or working on something. Ask him about his Plex server.

Matthew W. Frank

General Partner

Cell: (717) 467-1305
Desk: (717) 739-8859

A general partner in Frankton Telecommunications LLC, Matt is our Master Antenna Technician. Antenna installation can be a humbling experience for even the most adept do it yourselfer. Matt has been there for all the problems and solutions we've encountered, and learns more each day.

Prior to founding Frankton, Matt had a mainly industrial background. He has operated 2, 6, & 8 color modern printing presses and moved on from printing to the high temperature brick industry. Always proficient at his job, he gained satisfaction through a paycheck, but was missing the feeling of "making a difference." Founding Frankton has allowed him to see the difference he was making directly. Many of our customers have become friends, and hearing satisfaction and happiness has been the reward he was missing.

Born in 1977 Matt lives in Hanover PA with his wife Jennifer. They have two children. Matt enjoys almost every sport, with his favorite being football. Go easy on him though he is a Broncos fan. With not much free time to spare he enjoys family and friends.

Ashton D. Brinton

Technician's Helper

Cell: (717) 525-1360

Ashton is a Technician’s Helper at Frankton Telecommunications LLC. As a part timer, he prides himself on being consistently late, and getting by with bare minimum effort.

Ashton currently attends Dover Area High School with majors in technology and business. Maybe someday, whenever he gets his act together, he will be able to have a helping hand in running Frankton, so his dad can retire.

Ashton is the son of Timothy and Melinda and lives up in the hills of Dover, PA. He enjoys working on computers and doing a ridiculous amount of PC gaming in his spare time. Bring up any computer game and he’ll be able to tell you about it.

The Boss

O. M. Frankton

O.M. Frankton is the heart and soul of the company.

This man is the most intimidating person you have ever met. If you’re ever late, you're in trouble with the old man. If you give less than 100% effort on every job, you’re in trouble with the old man. If you damage anything or don’t do it the way he thinks it should be done, you’re in trouble with the old man. If you do anything that doesn’t perfectly align with the way he wants his company run, you’re in trouble with the old man.

At 149 years old, he’s been in this business longer than anyone, and knows everything there is to know about it. He rules with an iron fist, and doesn’t want to hear your nonsense. Complaints will be dealt with switfully and severely. He’s the final decision maker on all matters, and his decisions are definitely final. He arrives at work promptly at 3am everyday, and usually doesn’t leave until midnight. He has no time for pleasantries. No matter how hard you think you’re working, you’re not working hard enough.

O.M. Frankton lives on a diet that consists only of moderately ripened red delicious apples. He only serves cold dishes full of hard truths. He lives high up on a hill somewhere, and his only family member is a 86 year old cat who goes with him everywhere. The cat’s name is unknown. Whatever you do, don’t ask about his cat. Definitely don’t look at it, and any attempts to pet it may result in the loss of an otherwise perfectly good petting hand.