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We're South Central PA and Northern MD's signal, sound and security experts.

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What We Do

Wired and Wireless Networks

Not happy with your current Wi-Fi? Maybe you have some dead spots or maybe it's just too slow? We can make sure your entire home, business or facility has a solid and reliable connection throughout.

Custom Wiring

There are wires that the cable or phone company won't install for you. We can put wires almost anywhere. We specialize in making wiring invisible by fishing them into ceilings, floors and walls. With advanced installation techniques and tiny cameras, there are almost no limits.

We can mount your new or existing TV and run all the necessary wires or get your home theater projector system wired and setup. We can use your mount or sell you the right one for your application.

Wireless home security systems are easy to use and maintain while providing you with piece of mind. We offer several security packages to meet your home or business needs that we expertly install and teach you how to use. We can install a complete video security system for a lot less than you might think.

Wifi has become an important part of all of our lives. Having good service in all parts of your home or business is imperative. Whether you have some dead spots, or slow speeds in certain areas, we can help.

We also install data cabling where wifi isn't possible or economical. Hardwiring is always an option, and performs better than anything else.

Don't be afraid to leave your home or business unattended. There are so many options to protect your valuables. We have wired and wireless systems, monitored and unmonitored. Want to check in on your entire property via your cellphone? We can do that! Maybe you just want one simple camera to keep watch for package theives, we can do that too.

When you have poor cellular signal inside your building or home, a cell phone signal booster is the solution. Cell phone boosters provide reliable, and consistent mobile service where you need it.

Cell phone signal boosters, also called cell phone boosters, repeaters, signal amplifiers, and network extenders boost 4G LTE signal for all major mobile carriers. Adding a mobile signal booster will end dropped calls, unsent texts, and slow data speeds. Frankton has a number of options available to ensure your mobile phone and data coverage.